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Esports refers to a form of sports competition that uses video games. With the rise in the number of students playing video games today, more schools embrace the idea of Esports as an alternative to the traditional sports we previously knew. It’s a fact that you can learn the same lessons from playing video games competitively as you would from conventional sporting activities. Esports are known to instill in young people both immediate and long-term benefits.

Benefits of Esports

Esports has several benefits. They help students in so many ways, including:

Cibergator is a certified Esports provider. We have partnered with D&H and Esports Education Network, both highly reputable organizations, to receive our K12 Esports certification. You can therefore trust Cibergator should your school or children be interested in participating in Esports. As a certified K12 Esports provider, we know the ins and outs of the industry. We have what it takes to give your students the best and most inspiring experience every step of the way.

Our K12 Certification makes us unique. We’ve earned the digital certificates and all the formal badges required to stand out from our competition in the Esports field. Thanks to our Certification, you can count on our improved and high-quality processes. Cibergator meets all the requirements specified by the relevant Esports bodies, and all our clients can look forward to customer satisfaction.



The Esports industry is currently booming worldwide. With our help, you can be sure that your talented players will have better opportunities in the future. Whether in in-school or after-school Esports, these students will get to make something great out of their love for gaming.

We operate under a structured framework to ensure even better performance for every player. With our Certification, we offer you a tournament management platform and so much more. We enrich our platforms with the latest features as well as functionalities. With this Certification, Cibergator equips every player and organizer to manage competitions well and compete accordingly. It supports them to win major Esports titles. We offer you a hassle-free type of management and deliver an outstanding experience to you.

What type of Esports should you choose for your school?

When it comes to Esports, there are two options. In-school Esports and after-school Esports. In-school Esports is part of the school curriculum. They focus more on purposeful playing, considering the students get essential life skills in the process. After-school Esports is mainly focused on the social aspects and competitiveness of the student in a structured and well-supervised environment.

For schools to develop even more successful Esports programs, it’s best to combine both in-school Esports and after-school Esports elements. In most cases, they present an opportunity for students to win scholarships that help them further their studies to college.


How to start and run an Esports team for your school

Cibergator Technologies is a certified Esports provider. We help you with all your needs, from the hardware to software and other necessary infrastructure.   With us, you can count on powering up your Esports team.

Cibergator Technologies Certification

Cibergator Technologies is a certified Esports provider. We help you with all your needs, from the hardware to software and other necessary infrastructure. With us, you can count on powering up your Esports team.

The face of Education has changed over the past several decades. Thirty years ago, the Internet was introduced to the world. Today, it would be a challenge to find a school in a developed nation without an Internet connection and some level of dependency on connectivity.

Adults adopted the benefits and opportunities afforded by online learning as the Internet started to spread its reach across the US. Over the past several years, virtual knowledge gained a foothold in the K-12 education space. Still, it took a worldwide pandemic to see technology rise as the core of the Education vertical. Education today relies on technology and specialized services to reach students and provide them with the knowledge and experience needed as they step out of the classroom and into our world economy.


Combining the Gaming Concepts curriculum in schools with esports clubs has been shown to increase students’ GPA by 1.7 and attendance by 10%.

Research at Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, has found no relationship between aggressive behavior in teenagers and playing violent video games.

There are roughly 2.7 billion gamers in the world, and Esports is a $24 Billion industry.

Yes, there are $20 million-plus in scholarships available for Esports Students.

Yes, there is a whole Esports ecosystem. There are positions in web-develops, software engineers, streamers, organizers, coaches, analysts, and entrepreneurs, to name a few.

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